The Toren - 2014 Best Europe Boutique Hotel

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In the centre of Amsterdam by the canal located in 2 building is The Toren Hotel – winner of 2014 Best Europe Boutique Hotel. It offers romance and intimacy in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic centre. Just a 15 minute walk from Central Station and Red Light District the Toren brings calmness and luxury relaxation in the overcrowded centre of old Amsterdam.

The Cozy and Atmosphere Hotel's Lobby Bar

luxury hotel amsterdam lobby bar

The hotel interior design includes antique furnishings and burlesque decor with touch of neoclassicism, stylish in rich colours of red, purple and gold – the royalty colours.

Get a Luxury Accommodation in this Cozy Hotel in Amsterdam

amsterdam luxury hotel unique design

Hotel in Amsterdam with Unique and Elegant Design

unique interior design best europe boutique hotel

The Toren offers to its guests 38 fantastically unique decorated rooms with dark colours, silk and velvet. The luxury rooms have Jacuzzi or ensuite steam room. Every room has large flat screen Tv, iPod docs and coffee makers. Some of the rooms have private balconies over the canal.

Luxury Room with Unique Design with Rich Colours

boutique hotel amsterdam luxury guestroom

The hotel has atmospheric bar which is at the same time a lounge area. The hotel also has e meeting room for its business guests.

Dark Red Room for Romantic and Intimate Holiday in Amsterdam

luxury dark red room boutique hotel the toren

The Toren is one of the best hotels in Amsterdam and offers elegant accommodations for your luxury holiday in the Nederland.

Some of the Rooms have Jacuzzi

luxury room with jacuzzi hotel toren amsterdam

Small Room with Warm Design for Romantic Holiday

romantic red stylish guestroom hotel amsterdam

Comfort and Luxury Ensuite Bathroom for Every Room

luxury, comfort bathroom with bathtub in the toren

Comfort Meeting Room for Toren's Business Guest

luxury comfortable meating room business guests

Unique Dark Red Decorated Staircase

dark red staircase hotel amsterdam