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Villa d'Este - Renaissance Jewel in North Italy

Villa d'Este - Renaissance Jewel in North Italy

Located on the shore of Lake Como, north of Milano Italy, Villa d’Este is hailed as one of the best hotels in Italy and the world by Travel & Leisure and Forbes Traveler. The hotel has its glory because of its amazing lush gardens, absolutely delicious cuisine, cozy and luxurious interior and extraordinary hospitality.

Villa d'Este offers luxury accommodation since 1873


Treehotel The 7th Room

Treehotel The 7th Room in Harads, Sweden

If you are looking unique hotel experience try a Treehotel – amazing modern hotel built at 10 meters high among several trees. If you are under the hotel and look up you can see the treetops before building, because the bottom walls of the hotel is a giant photography from before. Staying at Treehotel you can enjoy serenity and calmness in a sophisticated environment designed in contemporary and modern style.

The Treehotel includes several building placed in a separate but close locations. In this post we will present the most eye catching from them – the 7th Room.


The Cloister - Amazing Colonial Style Hotel at Sea Island, Georgia

Visit the best colonial style hotel The Cloister at Sea Island, Georgia

The Sea Island is part of the Golden Isles of Georgia and host 3 resorts from which The Cloister is the most popular. Since its establishment in 1928 six Presidents of The USA have visited it. This fact made those resort one of the most popular sea resort on the east coast of the Unated States. The property is designed into very lush colonial style with lots of antique woods, pleated drapery and master furnishings.

Visit the Sea Island Resorts in Georgia, USA



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