The Belsfield Lake District Hotel by Laura Ashley

lake boutique luxury hotel england

On the shore of Windermere Lake District Hotel The Belsfield is the second hotel signed by Laura Ashley. It is a beautiful and luxury boutique place which doors opened in the middle of summer 2014 in Bowness. It is hosted in a two centuries old ancient building with a rich historic past.

Originally it was the favorite summer residence of baroness von Stenberg and du to different events it became a hotel for the first time in 1892.

Stylish furniture and interior design suite

boutique luxury design hotel

Nowadays this Lake District Hotel is located at the heart of a great national park and offers a unique stay to its guests. The hotel consists of 62 luxury designed suites – some of them unveiling a spectacular view over the lake.

Lake District Hotel’s luxury modern bathroom

bathroom luxury design laura ashley

Laura Ashley’s designers somehow modernized its indoor and managed to keep this little twist so distinctive and typical to British interiors. It’s in that spirit that we are fascinated by the bold and yet stylish colorful interior design in the suites but also in the public area of that place. The lobby area is totally glazed and serves as the link between two ancient buildings composing the hotel.

The Belsfield Lake District hotel is a perfect spot to stay and disconnect from the modern world by taking advantage of this land where time seems to stand still.

Unique boutique interior design by Laura Ashley

british interior luxury design suite

Small lounge area in the luxury designed suites

luxury suite district lake hotel

Beautiful and cozy suite with splendid lake view

belsfield boutique hotel by Laura Ashley

Lake District Hotel – The Belsfield with its specific interior

trendy elegant interior suite by laura ashley

Hotel restaurant interior design by Laura Ashley

stylish elegant restaurant lake district hotel

Classy and elegant atmosphere with view over the lake

belsfield hotel restaurant laura ashley design

Bold and yet trendy color interior design

windermere lake boutique hotel

Lake District Hotel completely glazed lobby area

belsfield boutique hotel laura ashley

The Belsfield hosted in an ancient aristocratic building

ancient aristocratic boutique hotel