Boutique hotel The Boatshed in New Zealand

luxury boutique hotel auckland

A villa by the sea, a small rustic hotel, a charming cottage, the question is: what exactly is the Boadshed hotel? Well, none would give you the correct answer!

One thing is for sure – this luxury boutique hotel proposes a five stars experience to its guest by enchanting them with a real aquatic authentic fairy tale.

Boutique hotel lighthouse suite entrance

luxury suite entrance romantic

Situated on Waiheke Island in the Haraki Gulf, near Auckland, this boutique hotel is one-of-a-kind place for a romantic getaway. Its charm works straight away… When it comes to stay in a boutique hotel, everyone expect to see a glitz and a glamour kind of style. The Boatshed surprises its guest by authentic but yet luxury atmosphere which allows you to really disconnect and interact with the sea.

Great view for an authentic real villa by the sea

unique aquatic furniture suite hotel

Choosing to stay in one of the adorable 5 suites or in one of the 2 bungalows by the beach, you will be happy to fall asleep rocked by the wave noise and wake up in the morning gazing out at great panoramic sea view.

The Boatshed with its quirky and unique aura will make you travel back in time when people used to live closely linked to the nature.

Stylishly decorated suites with rustic touch

boutique hotel by sea auckland

Luxury simple and minimalistic bathroom

minimalistic designed bathroom

Suites and bungalow are with private balcony and sea view

great suites luxury designed

Modernly designed and minimalistic shower cabin

boutique hotel shower bathroom

Luxury boutique hotel charming suite decorated in an aquatic style

luxury suites by the sea auckland

The Boatshed dining room with a gorgeous view over the bay

creative authentic luxury hotel by sea

Reception area proposing a cozy spot to relax in front of the sea

great rustic luxury boutique hotel

Boutique hotel The Boatshed near Auckland – the Facade

the boatshed auckland new zealand

Great holiday in this five stars boutique hotel by the sea

boutique quirky hotel sea