Rustic design hotel Uma Punakha in Bhutan

If you are an experienced tourist and you are looking for not so popular destination, then definitely Bhutan and Himalayan Kingdom will charm you with their elegant beauty. Rustic design resort Uma Punakha by Como, is a very different place inspired by monastic lifestyle. It is also difficult to access because you will need five hours trip to visit this mountain area. Hopefully the astonishing beauty will worthwhile all the efforts.

Villas to book on the top of the hill

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After all, the highest world mountain is characterized by spiritual religious way to see reality. Therefore tourists may visit the famous Temple of the Divine Madman and the impressive Punakha Dzong.

More specifically in Uma Punakha, you will stay in very original rustic design room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the magnificent valley and the Mo Chu River.

Uma Punakha’s guests could book one of nine gorgeous rooms with breathtaking view over the Himalayan nine hills valley. We must say that when it comes to stay in this rustic design place, it’s all about the unique panorama.

Gorgeous terrace with exclusive panoramic view

bhutan rustic design luxury hotel terrace

The hotel’s restaurant prepares local and international cuisine especially for you. You will also find a small spa center with different kinds of massages at your disposal. 

This rustic design Bhutanese hotel is a genuine pearl offering a vivid journey to those who love mountain beauty.

Himalayan summer and green nature all around

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Rustic design stylish suite and villas

mountain interior room bhutan hotel

Lovely rustic design bedroom bathed in natural daylight

lovely room view on the mountain bhutan rustic design hotel

Uma Punakha Wellness & Spa center

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Taking a medicinal herb bath staring at Himalayan landscape

herbal bath himalayan bhutan rustic hotel

Unforgettable Himalayan view from this rustic design hotel

charming panorama hotel rustic design bhutan

Enjoying coffee and peaceful moment

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Rustic design Uma Punakha hotel’s unique panorama

splendid view rustic design mountain hotel

Outdoor living among this incredible mountain landscape

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