Exotic and unique style of Dolphin Island Fiji resort

beautiful exotic getaway fiji resort dolphin island

Fiji is one of the most exotic destinations there is… no doubt about it. But the atmosphere that Fiji resort Dolphin Island proposes to its guests is so stunning and amazing that everyone would like to spend a week in such piece of heaven of their dreams.

This Fiji resort extends over 13 acres of pure and untouched tropical beauty. If you are fan to exotic landscapes, this is where you will be more than happy to stay.

Fiji typical palm-thatched roofs houses

charming tropical outdoor fiji resort

Fiji’s typical architecture is being honored by creating the exact same palm-thatched roofs wooden houses. You can find some tribe’s inspiration in their interior decor.

The central area is all about the big pool with wooden terrace around and fresco bar. Resort’s restaurant proposes a delicious local meal in open air…

Exotic and romantic unique landscape

unique outdoor concept area

Fiji resort’s guests are invited to take a walk till the top of the island so they can enjoy a spectacular view and share a romantic diner.

Spending a week on Dolphin Island will be a total scenery change which will remain as a pleasant exotic souvenir from a far tropical country. A luxury trip among white sand beach, coconut trees and turquoise waters…

Having a romantic diner in the middle of the sea

exotic fiji gazebo luxury hotel resort

Fiji resort interior décor inspired by tribal style

indoor wooden tropical interior suite

Superb tropical wooden dining room

indoor exotic dining room in fiji resort dolphin island

Luxury and rustic house interior

lovely conopy bed exotic dolphin island fiji resort

Bathroom in total contrast with wooden houses

luxury exotic fiji resort bathroom

Dolphin Island and Fiji’s resort viewed from sea

dolphin island fiji resort view form sea

Virgin beauty of Dolphin Island

airview of dolphin luxury hotel complex fiji resort

Having diner in this paradisiac atmosphere

luxury exotic vacation getaway fiji resort

Walking along this lovely candles lighted pool

outdoor exotic garden by night

Enjoying Fiji resort tropical beach under tropical sun

exotic paradise vacations in fiji resort dolphin island