An unforgettable Ayutthaya hotel – Sala Ayutthaya

exotic style patio boutique luxury hotel

Ayutthaya is an ancient city former Siamese capital which was built in the middle of 14th century. This city is a very attractive, touristic place full of numerous sight that must be visited such as gigantic monasteries and reliquary stone towers remind of Ayutthaya past splendor.

It is good to know that Ayutthaya is a part of world patrimony of UNESCO and worth the travel to see it in details.

Unique concept of a boutique luxury hotel in Thailand

unique exotic designed hotel in Ayutthaya

Sala Ayutthaya hotel is situated on the riverside and offers to its guests, unique indoor and outdoor amenities to relax and enjoy the luxury stay. The view to discover from some of the suits is astonishing and makes you feel like you are in a real exotic fairy tale.

The Sala Ayutthaya hotel consists of 26 elegantly furnished rooms and suites some of which with private deck or terrace with splendid view over the river and an ancient Thai temple.

The suites indoor represents a creative and unique marriage between minimalistic and luxury styles. White is the dominant color which confers a distinguished and classy aspect to the place.

Main patio with white marble and a gorgeous turquoise water pool

patio boutique luxury hotel Thailand sala Ayutthaya

The restaurant and the beautiful exterior pool surrounded by a very conceptual terrace with various niches to seat and relax!

Ayutthaya is a unique place on Earth that just has to be seen and if you manage to stay in such a lovely place as Ayutthaya hotel, then your journey will be not only luxurious but extremely fulfilling.

Modern architecture and prestigious amenities in Sala Ayutthaya hotel

outdoor area with heated pool Ayutthaya hotel

Ayutthaya hotel restaurant offers a beautiful view over the near river

Ayutthaya hotel boutique restaurant over the river

This Ayutthaya hotel luxury 2-level suite with beautiful river view

luxury designed unique interior boutique hotel suite

Sleek minimalistic and distinguished Ayutthaya hotel interior

unique luxury boutique suite Ayutthaya thailand

Concrete floor, transparent wall bathroom and cozy double bed

Thailand boutique hotel Ayutthaya stylish suite

Exterior white marbled terrace around the magnificent turquoise water pool

boutique luxury hotel in white Ayutthaya

Prestigious ground floor suite with bedroom, living area and private pool

Ayutthaya's design private pool suite

Stylishly furnished and decorated Ayutthaya hotel suite in white and black

trendy luxury suite hotel Ayutthaya white black

Ayutthaya hotel Sala main entrance with beautiful wooden door

entrance boutique hotel Ayutthaya thailand

Photos: Wison Tungthunya