UK holidays in the unique aristocratic Hambleton Hall

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When it comes to disconnect from the day-to-day worries there is nothing like a complete immersion into another world for a couple of weeks or just for a week-end. Hambleton Hall (Oakham city) offers this exact kind of total country getaway!

Cozy rustic hotel interior atmosphere

old British secondary house atmosphere hotel

UK holidays that strongly remind us for a time travel into one of Jane Austin’s novels. This Victorian aristocratic house has transformed by its owners into a country hotel back into 1979. Longtime used as a fox hunting secondary residence, this lodge will delight you with its historic rustic but yet luxury interior atmosphere.

In Hambleton Hall you are not just a hotel guest! You are a part of a romantically involved landscape that is just the perfect place for couples. Tranquility and peace suit to everyone willing to recharge his battery.

Victorian architecture house transformed into rustic hotel

romantic victorian country hotel UK

You can go for a walk around the pretty flower garden, take a sit by the river reading an interesting book and have a delicious dinner into Michelin star hotel restaurant. Well, for sure in Hambleton Hall your UK holidays will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

A unique kind of tourist stay in order to taste what was the old British aristocrats’ life back in the time could be a fulfilling and unforgettable experience! Not to forget that Hambleton Hall was listed as one of the 50 best British hotels by the Independent.

Hambleton Hall’s Michelin star rewarded restaurant

michelin star hotel restaurant aristocartic style

One of the gorgeous suites for a pleasant country UK holidays

hotel luxury country design suite

Luxury rustic and warm interior country hotel

country inspired design bedroom

Hambleton Hall ancient and stylish suite bathroom

old style classic luxury hotel bathroom

UK holidays in an old Victorian luxury house

suite rustique aristocratic design

View out of Hambleton Hall’s garden over the river

former secondary lodge by the river

Aristocratic and idyllic outdoor country landscape

aristocratic garden Victorian style hotel

Unique UK holidays into a country rustic luxury hotel

garden outdoor pool country hotel Hambleton Hall

Hambleton Hall for an unforgettable UK holidays

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