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The Library Hotel - A Unique Experience in New York

Library Hotel Manhattan New York Facade

The Library Hotel is a unique experience in the heart of Manhattan, New York. The hotel is located at Midtown Manhattan so it is close to many attractions within walk distance. It has 10 floors with 6 guestrooms each makes 60 luxury rooms, each one with own topic of books and art. The hotel itself is a library with over 6000 books as the name suggest it. Every floor has a distinctive topic, and every room has unique collection of books. Guest are free to choose accommodation from free to book rooms.


Enjoy Luxury Spa Vacation at Baraza Resort in Zanzibar

large outdoor pool nex to the beach in zanzibar

Baraza Resort is a luxury boutique spa complex located along the one of the world most famous beaches – Bwejuu – Paje in Tanzania. Baraza Resort is a new 5 star hotel offers accommodation in 30 one or two bedroom villas in Zanzibar. With all inclusive services, high quality spa procedures and excellent bars and restaurants the Baraza Resort is a perfect option for summer holiday and spa vacation in Africa.



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