Nothofagus Hotel – Incredible Experience in Chile Forest

huilo huilo rainforest treehouse hotel Nothofagus

Nothofagus hotel has a magnificent building built mainly from wood in a shape of tree and brings sensation and experience of a wild nature. The hotel is located in the heart of Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve in Chile.

The Nothofagus Hotel Inside Looks Like a Huge Ancient Tree

inside view to the top of the nothofagus hotel

Located in the middle of Chilean Patagonian Rainforest, Huilo Huilo is a biological reserve under the shadow of Andes Mountains. The reserve is unique with its conservation of local nature and culture. Visitors of Huilo Huilo can touch the spirit of natives and experience an amazing and luxury vacation in Chile.

Book Accommodation in Nothofagus - an Amazing TreeHouse Hotel in Chile

nothofagus hotel inside view

Most of the activities in Huilo Huilo starts from Nothofagus – the true heart of Biological Reserve. At Nothofagus hotel you get accommodation, experience local food at restaurant, relax at the spa center and many more.

Luxury and Rustic Style Interior of Hotel Nothofagus

hotel nothofagus wooden interior

Hotel Nothofagus offers luxury accommodation in 55 rustic style guestrooms and suites over 7 floors. All rooms are decorated with eco and natural elements like wood and stone. Rooms are spacious and cozy with balconies with excellent view over the rainforest. Wi-fi access is provided in rooms and all common areas.

Visit Chile and Stay at Luxury Rustic Style Rooms at Nothofagus Hotel

rustic style room hotel nothofagus chile

If you have kids you can leave them in the Magic Corner – an amazing place for youngsters where they can learn much about the native forest, play games, and do so many stuff like painting, singing organized by Nothofagus Team.

Comfortable Guestroom with Great View Over Chilean Rainforest

wooden style hotel room with view to forest

Nothofagus Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Nothofagus hotel and has 2 dining rooms. There guest of the hotel and Huilo Huilo can enjoy cuisine that blends local aboriginal and European settler traditions for a true gastronomy experience.

Try Best Chilean Food at Nothofagus Restaurant

rustic style wooden restaurant nothafagus chile

The Hotel is perfect place for those who wants to explore Native Chile Nature and Culture. Huilo Huilo offers various tour packs with activities like horseback riding, rafting, mountain biking, trekking to volcano and many more. All necessary for great vacation in Chile.

Luxury Suite With Astonishing Forest View

nothafagus hotel suite view to forest

Spacious and Luxury Living Room of Hotel's Suite

Spacious and Luxury Living Room of Hotel's Suite

Cozy and Comfort Ensuite Bathroom

Cozy and Comfort Ensuite Bathroom hotel Nothofagus Chile

Enjoy Beer and Drinks at Nothofagus Hotel Bar and Brewery

hotel nothofagus chile bar and brewery