Luxury getaway in legendary 5-stars hotel Punta Tragara by Le Corbusier in Capri

beautiful luxury vacation italy capri

A veritable institution on Capri Island - Italy, Punta Tragara is quite special hotel designed by famous architect - Le Corbusier. The hotel is located at such a great place which gives its guests the possibility to admire all day long local touristic attraction - Faraglioni rocks.

Punta Tragara offers one-of-a-kind luxury getaway with astonishing view over Faraglioni rocks

punta tragara iconic hotel luxury suites and room with sea view

The hotel consists of 44 stylishly furnished rooms and suites. Icing on the cake is 90 m² rooftop penthouse with its 70 m² spacious terrace overlooking Mediterranean Sea and touristic Faraglioni rocks. Recently renovated penthouse is just the perfect spot to spend a luxury getaway with your beloved one.

Hotel’s lobby where stylish furniture is mixed with this prestigious place history

design deck lobby hotel luxury vacation italy capri sea

Punta Tragara is also well known for its exquisite fine cuisine. Meals are served on the beautiful hotel terrace with gorgeous panoramic sea view – ideal way to appreciate delicious food in lovely surroundings.

Gorgeous suite with view and romantic warm atmosphere is to be appreciated with someone special

romantic furnished suite luxury getaway italy capri island

Luxury getaway in 90 m² hotel’s rooftop penthouse recently renovated by famous designer

penthouse prestigious punta tragara hotel le corbusier

Rooftop suite opens on to 70 m² spacious terrace with stylish furniture and small garden

rooftop penthouse luxury interior design luxury getaway vacation italy capri

Long balcony allows hotels visitors to immerge into Mediterranean Sea landscape

prestigious suite sea view capri faraglioni rocks

Trendy interior design, famous brand furniture in mild warm colors make suites look marvelous

modern creative interior design suite capri hotel luxury prestige

Big bathroom with double sink, big tub and beautiful expensive first quality brown marble

luxury interior design bathroom marble

Having such exceptional panoramic view is a guarantee for pleasant luxury getaway in Capri

punta tragara hotel capri suite balcony terrace sea view

Punta Tragara is famous not only for its rich breakfast table but also for its delicious exquisite cuisine

hotel capri luxury destination tourism italy

Hotel’s restaurant offers first choice gourmet food in lovely atmosphere close to the sea

terrace expensive restaurant capri hotel luxury vacation

Pictures credit: Punta Tragara