Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites promises a unforgettable vacation’s experience in Mykonos

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It is rare to combine luxury with such great creativity – Kensho Boutique Hotel is a unique place where every suite, every room offers a different experience to the visitor. Blending different influences – rustic local and trendy prestigious – furniture and amenities allow hotel’s guest to immerge into world of real pleasure of senses.

Reception desk of this Mykonos boutique hotel where rustic and modern styles are blend together

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The hotel consists of 26 creatively designed rooms and 10 luxury suites telling their own story. The boutique hotel has fitness, spa center with massage, Jacuzzi  but also a great roof restaurant with beautiful panoramic view proposing revisited Greek – Mediterranean cuisine.

Kensho’s restaurant sophisticated local cuisine elegantly served in a gorgeous atmosphere

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We love exceptionally beautiful interiors, multitudes of amenities but above all – this incredible constancy in esthetics which can be found in the smallest detail of the hotel’s out & indoors.

Kensho Boutique hotel & suites guarantees a unique wellness and pleasure in some kind of minimalistic, eclectic way in luxury Mediterranean surroundings.

One of 26 hotel’s rooms with minimalistic but comfortable design and interior layout

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Each suite and room has its own plunge pool and terrace with view over the city

suites private pool prestigious stay mykonos

One of Kensho boutique hotel’s suite with sober design, monochromatic colors and textiles

esthetic minimalistic research boutique hotel's suites mykonos

Black bathroom design like the whole hotel’s interior is simple, elegant and minimalistic

wc & bathroom luxury holidays mykonos greece

Each decoration piece, each furniture or luminaire is a fruit of esthetic research

minimalistic luxury designed suites hotel greece island

Architecture of this boutique hotel is built on different level with individual terraces and shadow pergolas

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Boutique hotel’s main public pool beautifully illuminated during the night

outdoor pool boutique hotel luxury suite mykonos

Public area in the hotel includes open bar near the main pool

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Kensho boutique hotel and suite’s main entrance luxury and magnificently designed

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