French provincial house “Ad Austrum” offers an idyllic place in the heart of French countryside

rustic french house for rent southern

Located in a beautiful picturesque southern region, this French provincial house called Ad Austrum which means back to the South, has a lot to offer. Completely renovated this old former farmer house occupies a central place in the village. Ancient charm of the place has been restored and highlighted in a quite minimalistic but elegant way. The house is suitable for up to 7 people and must be rent for at least 6 nights.

Great view and simple rustic interior designed suite bring us closer to the nature

southern France cottage for rent medieval village

Old furniture, noble materials and sober beige tones succeed in creating a warm, simple and pleasant cottage to rent. This French provincial house truly embodies local spirit and traditions. One can appreciate lavender natural fragrance thanks to cottage’s lovely garden and plunge pool.

This French provincial house has one spacious suite with open rustically designed shower

spacious suite rustic charm villa for rent france

The village is only 15 km away from Uzes and is situated at a strategic cross point allowing to visit several beautiful French cities.

The aria gives the possibility to choose between calm and peaceful retreat or prefer energetic and dynamic getaway. Find out more on official site Ad Austrum!

One of two bedrooms offers a simple and comfortable place to spend the night

bedroom with view in old farmer french provincial  house for rent

Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom which follows the same minimalistic interior style

bathroom renovated suite tub & shower

Located in the middle of the village, this French provincial house to rent has a nice view

old medieval village souther france villa rental

On the ground floor there is another bedroom furnished in minimalistic but warm way

minimalistic rustic rental southern france

A natural extension of the kitchen dining room represents a great mix of old and new

retro old fashioned rustic furniture villa southern france

The kitchen of this French provincial house displays a retro and cozy atmosphere

retro paysant kitchen french provincial villa

Sober colors, natural material and simple view match perfectly with a simple and calm vacations

elegant rustic interior design villa france

French provincial house offers a small and cozy garden with flowering plants and relaxing landscape

Mediterranean rustic villa France

A plunge pool allows to refresh yourself during hot Mediterranean summer in France

beautiful renovated vacation house southern France

Official site: Ad Austrum