Luxury resort Alila offers hotels suites and private exotic villas in Bali

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Indonesia and especially Bali is a famous touristic destination. One can easily found paradise landscapes almost everywhere. Naturally numerous hotels and villas for rent propose the possibility to dive into this Eden place.

Exterior pool created as an idyllic green garden with astonishing panoramic sea view

big infinity pool exotic journey luxury suite bali

Luxury resort Alila is designed as a sustainable place situated in the middle of Bukit savannah precisely on the dramatic cliffs discovering a breath taking panoramic sea view. Natural beauty of the spot turned out to be the perfect location for an ambition architectural project which modernize and bring to another level local folklore and traditions.

Private pool is a part of exotic villas outdoor amenities in Alila luxury resort

Indonesian villa architecture luxury rental alila bali

The resort consists of a 50 hotel suites and 35 residential exotic villas. Opened June 2009 the complex is ecofriendly, in total respect to the environment. It is designed to merge as possibly to its beautiful surrounding. Bali’s luxury resort Alila is an attractive place to totally relax and enjoy among family or friends.

Blurred borders between outdoor and indoor are the guiding line of the villas in Alila

touristic luxury villa exotic vacation bali

Infinity pool merges with ocean blue water and creates a kind of infinite horizon

gorgeous sea view infinity pool luxury villa bali

Build with local materials and inspired by local architecture villas fit perfectly into the landscape

garden and pool with view bali alila villas

Villas interior distinguished by their pure minimalistic yet elegant design

interior minimalistic design villa alila complex

Spacious and open stylishly furnished villa conceived like an open exotic garden with sea view

private exotic luxury villa bali rentals

Resorts’ restaurant has fully adopted local culture and architectural particularities of the hotel

tropical interior design restaurant alila hotel resort

First row tables can admire beautiful paradisaic view and enjoy haute cuisine plates

luxury gastronomic restaurant bali hotel alila

Public infinity pool represents the heart of the social activities cause located near the restaurant

luxury hotel suite bali for rent

Grand luxury resort with magnificent architecture for unbelievable vacation in Bali

exotic vacation trip rental luxury villa

Pictures credit: WOHA