English cottage Pixie Nook brings a new flavor to country romantic getaway

rustic cozy cottage to rent cornwall england

Nestled in the heart of Cornwall lands, close to Warleggan on Bodmin Moor, this small rustic English cottage has a lot to offer. A perfect place for romantic getaway places seekers or those who look for an artistic inspiration, Pixie Nook combines genuine country charm with modern kitsch colorful design.

Interior design combines kitsch, modern & colorful touches creating a cozy atmosphere

deco accessories modern playful design rustic cottage vacation rental

Everything in this typical English cottage could be summed up in just two words: small & cozy. Owners have focused on details and also on this particular je-ne-sais-quoi which makes this house an adorable place to stay.

Lintel fireplace, granite walls & beamed ceiling Pixie Nook is an English cottage full of charm

cottage living room design deco kitsch

The cottage has one bedroom and is suitable for a couple or a single person. Outdoor amenities such as dining tables, benches, coffee table & chairs, outdoor Jacuzzi, bring an atmosphere of pleasant relax among beautiful flowers in the garden.

Romantic stay, artistic research or just an enjoyable getaway, Pixie Nook could be a great countryside choice for the week-end. 

Small equipped kitchen offers the possibility to prepare meals and enjoy beautiful outdoor amenities

charming cottage to rent kitchen rustic deco

Rustic atmosphere mixed with contemporary furniture & chalky brut walls of this English cottage

small cozy rustic kitchen villa to rent countryside

Pixie Nook’s bathroom with bathtub decorated in the same colorful joyful style

joyful deco idea bathroom cottage

Narrow stairs lead to bedroom situated on the upper floor of the cottage

rustic charming interior cottage rental for two

The only bedroom with king size bed turns this English cottage to a marvelous romantic place

modern deco cottage bedroom for two

Wooden outdoor bathtub and beautiful terrace in a green & lovingly tented garden

outdoor area small cottage to rent in english countryside cornwall

An outdoor table and benches in order to appreciate exterior beauty of the cottage

pixie nook english rustic cottage garden cornwall

Beautiful green garden of this English cottage proposes to its guest to enjoy pick-nick among flowers

english cottage to rent countryside holiday

Cornwall is a great touristic destination for those who love genuine rustic charm villages and houses

cornwall destination rustic cottage

Pictures credit: UniqueHomeStays