Ecolodge & glamping – a new way to appreciate nature

ecolodge eco vacation near lac tent trees

Have you ever heard of glamping? This is a new pleasant trend who combines glamour with camping and bring the tourism in nature to a whole new level. Dom’Up is a new Belgian concept in glamping who offers to spend some time in a cozy furnished tent among trees branches. Like a real bird!

Dom’Up is an octagonal structure which is hung between several trees without damaging branches or harming the environment.

Respecting and bonding with nature thanks to ecolodge Dom’Up

beautiful view from tree tent near lake

16 m² furnished with comfortable bed, you have a small balcony with table and chairs and an impressive view. Staying at Dom’Up, you can be sure to be at the first row during sunsets and sunrises.

It takes 2 days to build this treehouse and the biggest advantage here is that you can choose your perfect location: beach with sea view and palms, mountain with stunning forest view, before a beautiful lake etc.

A new concept to spend your eco vacation in a first choice top location

near lake forest tent up tree dom'up

Dom’Up is far more luxury than a regular camping but less comfortable than a hotel suite. However the main idea here is to immerge yourself and connect with nature’s beauty.

Cozy still comfortable atmosphere in this one-of-a-kind tourist’s rent

new glamping project tent to rent in tree

Double bed and a small balcony with marvelous panoramic view over the landscape

close to nature concept eco tent up in the trees

Interesting ethno & folk furniture and decoration in this unusual ecolodge among the trees

cozy furniture green eco tent tourism lake

Small but warm interior design with this impressive view over the lake

creative design tent eco glamping trees

Perfect balcony with gorgeous view to have a meal or just to take a sun bath

view from trees altitude tent dom'up

Spending few days at Dom’Up means to be in a privileged place to appreciate the nature

beautiful landscape tent eco trees

Lake and green trees this exemplary location has a lot to offer

creative vacation in tree tent near lake

Tranquility and peace in order to immerge into a whole new experience

belgian concept treehouse to rent dom'up

The ecolodge Dom’Up could be moved and transposed wherever you wish

eco tourism tent in trees