Jardin Escondido – Coppola's Inspiration in Buenos Aires

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Jardin Escondido is small hotel in Palermo Soho - one of the central and vibrant neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Jardin Escondido is 7 bedrooms villa surrounded by 3 level lush gardens, green terrace and small pool. Once this villa have been habited by Francis Ford Coppola while he writing one of his scripts.

Visit Jardin Escondido and Get Inspiration Like Coppola

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Now the villa is turned into luxury and peaceful hotel hidden from the noisy and overcrowded streets. Hotel’s living areas are rich of local furnishing and art craft. Each one of the 7 bedrooms is named after Coppola’s family members.

The 3 Levels Lush Garden Absorbs City Dirt and Noise

colourfull lush garden villa jardin escondido

The largest room of Jardin Escondido is named after Frank, it is separated from the main villa and has own balcony with lush garden and table for breakfast. Every one of the other rooms have comfort design with access to free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, DVD player and library.

Luxury Franks Room with Private and Green Balcony

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The Hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, but the Palermo Soho neighborhood is home of lots fancy and cozy restaurants, bars and cafes. Jardin Escondido offers to its guests fine selection of wines from Coppola’s vineyards. On-call sommelier will help you with choosing proper wine.

Look at Jardin Escondido Lounge - Red Walls and Green Plants

red walls and green plants lounge luxury hotel buenos aires

King Size Bedroom for Couples Visiting Buenos Aires

comfort hotel villa coppola buenos aires

Jardin Escondido Offers and Two Beds Room

twin beds cozy hotel holiday in argentina

Hotel Common Areas are Furnished with Local Comfort Furniture

comfort sofa hotel lounge jardin escondido

Luxury Hotel Lounge with Comfort Sofas and View to Lush Garden

comfort lounge hotel buenos aires view to garden

Hotel Jardin Escondido Offers Library to Its Guests

hotel library luxury holiday argentina

Enjoy The Best Coppola's Wines at Hotel's Winery

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